Pleng Reu Pleng Choi

(a kind of song sung while rowing boats)

Mrs. Sawong Chimchat 75 was born on June 21, 2470 B.E., Her parents were Mr. Chamoy and Mrs. Sangiem Tiemsawet. Her address is 58/2 Moo 2, Tambon Nam Tao, Maharaj District, Ayutthaya Province.

Her life :

She was a vendor selling desserts in many villages, attended the temple on Buddhist Days, made merits and joined in public affairs of Tambon, village. When she was a teenager, she liked to watch, listen and practice on her own. She had a chance to be Mae Ban of Tambon.

Occasions that she attended :
- Pleng Choi at the province level
- Pleng Reu at the district level

- Visiting villages of different Tambons.
Steps in perfoming Pleng Reu :
- Bot Wai Khru
- Bot Neu Haa
- Bot Wai Mae Kong Ka (asking for forgiveness)
Steps in performing Pleng Choi :
- Bot Wai Khru
- Bot Neu Haa
- Bot Oewy Porn (giving good wishes or blessing)

Mrs. Sawong Chimchat is an expert in Pleng Reu and Pleng Choi, reflecting her local wisdom that she can pass on to anyone interested as well as her knowledge and ability.