Pleng Pheung Ban

(folk songs)

Mrs. Thonglor Tamlethong (Tabtim), a national artist (in Pleng Pheun Ban) of the year 2529 B.E., was Mae Pleng Chan Khru. She could sing Pleng Choi, Pleng Song Kreung and folk songs. She was born on Saturday, the third month of Lunar Calendar in the Year of Pig. Her hometown was a house near Wat Bang Khun Tib, U-Thai District, Ayutthaya Province. Her grandmother could play Pleng Prob Gai. Her father was Mr. Ploy and her mother was Mrs. Phrang.

When she was a child, she did not attend school but hid under the monkís cell listening and memorizing what the monk taught to the boys.

When she did not learn in school, she had a lot of time so she liked to listen to songs and would like to practice singing. Her father requested Khru Tim and his wife, Khru Pad from Ban Rong Nai to teach her at home during the night with other childrem of the same age. Khru Taum and Khru Chum taught her to perform Lakhon Ram. When she herself could perform, she and her friends performed Pleng Choi and Pleng Song Kreung at many fairs by getting the payment for one saleung (25 satang) or two saleung (50 satang).

During the flood season, she took a boat to Tod Ga Thin, Tod Pha Pa and sang Pleng Reu. During Songkran Festival, she performed Pleng Pissathan in the monastery and sang Pleng Paung Malai, Pleng Songkran. She loved melodies.

When she grew up, she did not marry at a young age like her friends. Even though some men tried to woo her, she did not pay any attention because she loved songs more.

When she was 25, she married Mr. Thong-u Samangsong, a leegei, and had two children. Later on they were separated and she went to Bangkok at the age of 33 in 2475 B.E. (the time of celebration Sapan Putthayaodfah). She got a job and sold rice and curry to earn money for her own life. One day someone she know asked her to sing songs with Khun Samransamitmuk (Od Tamprahas), who was a clown in the royal palace of King Rama VI, in the funeral ceremony. By this, she met a lot of others and sang songs with them until she was very old. Her friends were Mrs. Taun, Mr. Tom, Mr. Tum and Mr. Phrom Aiamchao.

Mrs. Thonglor was very diligent. Besides singing she was also a merchant such as when she lived with Mr. Pui Panpeuy, a railway worker at Nopawong. She cooked pickled fish for sale and sometimes she sold fruits, rice and curry. After that she lived with Mr. Saiyud Tamlethong, a sailor and a preacher, until he died in 2521 B.E.

After 2500 B.E. folk songs became unpopular and Por Pleng Mae Pleng was too old to sing. Then there was a revival of the folk songs around 2520 B.E. Mrs. Thonglor Tamlethong returned to be the main person in passing on folk songs to a new generation. Her voice was very clear and sweet even though she was very old.

In 2525 B.E. she was honored as an outstanding local artist of the Central region by the Board of National Culture. In 2529 BE., he recieved an honor as a national artist as Mae Pleng Chan Khru at the age of 87.

She died at her sonís house in Petchaboon Province on Sunday, April 4, 2536 B.E. at the age of 94. She received a royal cremation at Wat Suwannaram, Bangkok Noi on July 17, 2536 B.E.