Pleng Lae Tam Kwan Nak

(perform a ceremony for chanting
parent’s loving kindness)

1. Personal data :

Name : Mr. Sawad Seukam
Age : 63
Date of birth : January 1, 2484 B.E.
Marital status : married Mrs. Prayong Seukam
Children : 1 son, 2 daughters
Education : Prathom 4, Wat Sukantaram School, Tambon Ta Lo, Wang Noi
District, Ayutthaya
Address : 91 Moo 9, Tambon Ta Lo, Wang Noi District, Ayutthaya 13170
Telephone number : 0-1258-7705
2. Background :

Mr. Sawad’s job is growing rice. When he was young, he heard a performer
performing a ceremony for chanting parents’ loving kindness. He wanted to be like to be like the performer and tried to practice by himself. When he was 28, he practiced with Ajarn Mien, his uncle (deceased), for 2 years. He became skillful and now performs the chanting as his main job to earn extra money for his family. The fee is about 1,000-1,500 baht depending on the distance.
3. His work :

He said that no one is really interested in this job, so he has no opportunity to teach
4. Problem :

Now, most people do not hire chanting performers but ask the monks to perform
instead, so now he has few jobs.